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Kingbot is a professional arcade ticket suppliers having years of experience in manufacturing and supplying all types of custom redemption tickets for arcade games at wholesale prices.  Being a leading arcade ticket suppliers we have been offering redemption tickets in 3-4 different types. We also have expertise in manufacturing custom redemption tickets for family entertainment centers and amusement parks. Our doors are also open for all kinds of customization and consultant from our clients around the world.

Besides, we own a complete set of professional molding machines, ticket redemption games, and production lines will perfectly meet your required criteria. It’s been more than a decade since our products made with advanced technology has been delivered to USA, Japan, Italy, Vietnam, and Philippines etc. Our mission is to facilitate you with an excellent product service.  What else? Being an ultimate arcade ticket supplier, all of our ticket handling products caters to massive applications for amusement and redemption games, admissions, slot gaming, arcades and family fun centers.

Also, we offer software, hardware, and mechanical design, proto-typing. Ticket dispensers, ticket eaters. So, let’s the fun begin!

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Customized Redemption Tickets in Various Designs & Colors

As one of the largest manufacturers of wholesale redemption tickets we proudly offer redemption tickets in various colors, graphics, designs and printing options. We have highly experienced team which dominates upon entire amusement (fun games ticket manufacturing) industry. As we manufacture gigantic amount of arcade redemption tickets, and redemption game tickets each day, so you can expect from us to get prompt delivery. We have an expert quality control and innovative work group who are working for your ventures in 24hours. Consequently, you will benefit first rate items from us with no deformities

Applications of Arcade Redemption Tickets Suppliers

Kingbot proudly offers redemption tickets at wholesale price that works ideal for a number of amusement arcades and funfair customers’ paybacks and rewards. We let you to select form our wide range of arcade redemption tickets and take your arcade gaming business to a whole new level of excitement, joy and customer satisfaction. Our tickets can be used for ensuring controlling of vendor on redemption games, customer tracking, assigning rights, accounting and providing value added features for various applications.

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Company manufacturer specializing in the production of game machine accessories in China. We focus on game tokens and tickets, providing outstanding design and quality to each



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